About Blue Star Auto Salon

Blue Star Auto Salon is an automotive detailing company located in the North Seattle-Shoreline, WA area on Aurora Avenue North. Founded by the Trapp family with several generations of auto technologists and enthusiasts, the company incorporates responsible water conservation, air quality (VOCs), and significant reductions in chemicals using the latest innovative steam technology.

We use hand washing and waxing to restore customer automobile interiors and exteriors to like new beauty and value. Detail packages are available for every customer’s needs and budget. Check out our Services page or call our office for information on available packages or current specials.

Meet our Management Team

Stephen Trapp, Jr., CEO and Co-Owner, manages and facilitates all auto detailing, providing his expertise and hands-on craft to all vehicles. With sharp attention to detail, Stephen works to ensure the success of every detailing service. He will always take time to go over every service detail and package description so his customer understands benefits and costs of each detailing package.

Leo Chavez, Lead Technician, is our resident expert on auto detailing. Leo’s strong attention to detail combined with his work ethic ensures that ever vehicle he touches is up to our quality and standards.