Add-on Treatments for your Vehicle

Sometimes your vehicle needs a little something extra such as stain removal, pet hair removal, HVAC cleaning, mold remediation, interior protection, exterior protection or car seat cleaning. Blue Star Auto Salon has solutions to all your exterior and interior situations.

Interior Optional Additions
Ozone Odor Treatment – $80 per hr
Enzymatic Odor Treatment – $25
HVAC System Cleansing – $80
Child’s Seat Steam Cleaned – $20 per seat
Shampoo/Stain Removal – $65 per hr minimum $30 charge
Pet Hair Removal – $65 per hour
Leather Conditioning – $12 per seat
Leather Rejuvenation - staring at $90
Fabric Protection – $10 per seat
Bio-Hazard Cleaning – $80 per hr charged automatically with $40.00 minimum. Includes mold & mildew remediation any human or animal contaminants, chemicals or other hazardous waste.
Exterior Optional Additions
Exterior Wax – starting at $74.99
Paint Sealant – starting at $99.00
Aquapel Windshield Application – $25
Engine Steam Cleaning – $75
Headlight Renewal – $50
Headlight Restoration – $125
Conditional Fees
Pre-Prep services for detailing includes removal of personal belongings and trash $65. per hour, charged automatically.
Excessive Pet Hair Removal will be charged automatically at a rate of $65 per hour with a $30 minimum fee.
Excessive dirt, grime, or other soil will be charged automatically at $65 per hour with $30 minimum fee.

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